Specialist Equipment

ERR has the capacity and experience to collect, treat and dispose of the full range of WEEE categories. Unlike many competitors in the WEEE recycling sector, we will consider all types of WEEE and associated materials. Our disassembly plant is totally flexible and can process anything from a small mobile phone through to a 3 tonne uninterruptible power supply system. All materials are processed using DEFRA guidelines on best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques (BATRRT).

Specialist Equipment

We accept the following WEEE categories

  • Mobile phones
    ERR has a long association with the mobile phone industry. We have carried out disposal contracts for a number of the largest manufacturers and providers in the UK. We process redundant and BER phone stock and certify destruction. For more information please click here

  • Medical equipment
    ERR processes a wide range of medical equipment, such as centrifuges, analysers, scanners etc.1

  • ATM and other dispensers
    ERR handles large contracts for ATM disposal. All units are thoroughly inspected and cleansed of any management information and residual till rolls etc. Branding and any data carrying devices are also removed and shredded before the recycling process commences.

  • Electronic point of sale (EPOS)
    ERR handles large EPOS inventories for national retail organisations. We have a vast experience of assisting customers with large roll out programmes.

  • Power tools and engineering equipment

  • Security systems

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Other/miscellaneous

We have the facilities to process any type of WEEE and associated equipment, so please contact us on 01462 812000 if you have any unusual products to dispose of.

1 Please note we are unable to handle clinical waste and are not qualified to carry out decontamination services. Any equipment received must be accompanied by a decontamination certificate.