Our full range of services will meet all your WEEE recycling requirements and also fulfil current environmental recycling targets. We are proud to confirm that we currently consign less than 5% of waste received to landfill.


Services we offer

  • Bespoke collection and logistics
    ERR recognises that customers require a broad range of collection and logistics services ranging from small office clearances to nationwide refresh projects and warehouse/large site clearances. We have vast experience in providing effective transport and streamline logistics solutions. We tailor our services to ensure that our customers incur minimal disruption and collections are made at specific times on designated transport, which means your equipment will not be mixed with other customers’. We use a trusted and long standing network of couriers, hauliers and security cleared drivers where required. We are also able to deposit pallet boxes on customers’ sites to enable safe storage of component waste and seamless collections.

  • Data security and destruction services
    ERR recognises that Data Protection is paramount and it is our primary concern. Our end to end process ensures that your equipment is handled properly and securely. We do not consign any assets to third parties for processing like many of our competitors. Everything remains within our control until either the data is 100% purged using approved software or the hard drive is physically destroyed using our in house shredding plant. We are fully accountable and Certificates of Disposal are issued for every consignment we receive. We also provide an onsite data destruction solution which is approved to the highest CESG level. For more details on data destruction please click here Secure Data Destruction

  • Fully WEEE compliant recycling
    ERR has Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) status and our audited process ensures best environmental practice – all WEEE is inspected, quantified, sorted and channelled into the most appropriate process. The WEEE Directive requires that a minimum of 75% of WEEE materials are recovered from the general waste stream and that of this 75%, a minimum of 65% must be reused/recycled. We are able to assist our customers in recovering close to 100% of their WEEE waste and our process ensures the target of 65% reuse/recycle is greatly exceeded. In the 2012 calendar year we were able recycle in excess of 95% and sent less than 5% of all materials received to landfill.

  • Asset management and auditing
    ERR provides a full asset inventory of items received for processing. We understand the importance of asset control within customer’s organisations from both a financial and security perspective. The auditing process is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements. This can also be tied in with the redeployment of assets within your organisation. For more details please click here

  • Asset recovery – remarketing of assets
    Customers may wish to employ our remarketing services to generate revenues from more current assets. Our technicians will data wipe, assess and test equipment fully before passing it on to our sales team. We have vast experience and access to a wide range of marketing channels, guaranteeing customers achieve the best return available. For more details please click here

  • Relocation/ redeployment
    Organisations will often require equipment moved between premises and this often coincides with the disposal of equipment. Through our expert panel of logistics partners, we are able to combine these functions seamlessly. We can relocate any equipment from desktop units through to large mainframe servers and processors, using Security Cleared personnel where required.

  • Producer responsibility data provision
    With our AATF status, we are able to issue Evidence Notes to Producer Compliance Schemes (PCS) to meet with Producer Responsibility obligations. Producer Responsibility applies to any organisation that manufactures, imports or distributes WEEE within the UK. We guarantee that our process will be more efficient and cost effective than organising your WEEE disposals directly through a PCS. In addition, we rank Data Security ahead of compliance with the WEEE Directive as we know that our process already exceeds the latter.

Please contact us on 01462 812000 to find out how we can improve your WEEE waste management.