WEEE, IT and Computer Related Equipment

Else Refining & Recycling (ERR) can handle all your WEEE, Computer and IT related equipment at our facility in Bedfordshire. Our extensive experience in the WEEE recycling sector will release you from the burden of compliance and data protection, and ensure your company’s integrity is not compromised. All equipment is processed using DEFRA guidelines on best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques (BATRRT).

WEEE, IT and Computer Related Equipment

We will collect and process the following equipment:

  • Office related IT equipment
  • Associated office equipment – faxes, telephony etc
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Cabling*
  • Back up equipment – UPS, data storage etc
  • Mainframe and mid-range data processing units

Other WEEE

Other equipment

  • We can assist you in the disposal of ancillary metals, packaging and plastics

* We will provide full decommissioning support for removal of cable from any premises.

** We do not recycle CFC/ HCFC equipment at our premises, it is sent to specialist third party processors.