Data Destruction and Security

ERR recognises that Data Protection is paramount. It is our primary concern, and we ensure that your data is protected and destroyed safely and efficiently. We do not consign any assets to third parties for processing unlike many of our competitors.

Data Destruction and Security

How we destroy and protect your data

  • Collections are made on dedicated vehicles, carrying your assets directly back to our premises in Bedfordshire. We do not make 'milk round' collections like many of our competitors. This ensures your data is not put at risk and also that your assets are not inadvertently mixed with another customers’.

  • Equipment is logged in on arrival and allocated a consignment reference immediately. This enables your assets to be tracked right through our process. Your assets are protected by digital CCTV system and central station monitored intruder alarm. Our location is highly discreet and minimal signage is displayed.

  • We utilise industry approved and licensed software to wipe all hard drives and data carrying devices to DOD 5220.20-M standards as a minimum. Enhanced wiping services are also available. If your require total destruction or drives cannot be wiped for technical reasons, we shred them in our MeWa shredding system, which permanently destroys the drives, making data retrieval impossible.

  • All magnetic tape media is shredded in our MeWa shredding system and then incinerated at an Energy from Waste facility. This is the most environmentally friendly method of recycling this sensitive product.

  • Customer assets remain within our control and domain until the data has been successfully purged 100% or the data carrying device has been destroyed. We do not consign assets to any third party processors, unlike many of our competitors.

  • We are fully accountable and Certificates of Disposal are issued for every consignment we receive.

  • We also provide onsite data destruction solution which is approved to the highest CESG level (Top Secret). For more details on this service, please contact us directly.