Asset Management and Recovery

At ERR we recognise that your 'end of life' technology can become a financial liability. We can manage and remove this liability, and in many cases recover your redundant assets from the waste stream and convert them into a real financial return.

Asset Management and Recovery

Asset management & recovery services

  • Auditing
    ERR will fully audit your technology assets and build a certified inventory for ‘write off’ purposes. The detail required in this inventory can be tailored to your requirements. Data wiping/destruction is carried out on all assets whether destined for destruction or remarketing.

  • Assessment
    If you wish for us to remarket your equipment, our team of technicians will make a full assessment after the basic audit, to determine remarketing potential and functionality.

  • Refurbishment
    All assets that have been designated as re-marketable will go through a thorough refurbishment, which includes the removal of any asset label or company identification and also the deletion of any company specific information held in the BIOS of PCs/servers.

  • Remarketing
    ERR has over 30 years experience in the remarketing of technology assets. We have access to specialist UK and international sales channels and can achieve the best returns available.

  • Redeployment
    We understand that the redeployment of assets within organisations can be costly and time consuming and that the skill sets are not always available to process items properly. We will collect redundant inventories, make a full assessment and confirm the assets in our report. We can then return, or redeploy assets to other locations on your behalf and recycle items that are not required.

Please call us on 01462 812000 to see how we can help you manage your WEEE asset inventories.